M I C H A E L    J F    C H A N C E

Architecture / Ruin / Perspective

Print Test as St Pauls distort s Tintern install 2c

Tintern - oil on board, 153 x 122cm. This painting was made as a response to visiting Tintern Abbey, a spot frequented by British Romantic painters, most notably Turner. I wanted to work with that background in mind but take a perspective that was explicitly different to past images. We are removed to an aerial view; the building appears as if a virtual reality construct, perhaps a ghostly reminder of our impermanence. The image was conceived tonally, manifested through a basic colour relationship.

Eight equal piers (St. Paul's Distortion) - charcoal and graphite , 110x126cm

This drawing is comprised of six sheets and was done over about 8 visits to St Paul’s cathedral. I started it sitting in some pews which disappeared after a couple of weeks, so after that I would fold it out onto the floor under the dome and draw on the marble.

The structure I’ve drawn in the dome space is an installation, whose purpose is to show the extreme distortion which occurs when a perspectival drawing approach is applied to a very wide (in this case, tall) field of vision.


This drawing was selected for the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize exhibition in 2015.


Print Test - graphite, 70x50cm

Demolition, kingsland road - charcoal, 30x10cm

V+A revealed s

V&A revealed - charcoal, ~100x100cm

G13, The Peanut Factory Chepstow s

G13 The Peanut Factory, oil on board, SOLD

Chepstow, oil on board, 153 x 122