M I C H A E L    J F    C H A N C E

Saturnian Landscapes


DSC_0051s Iapetus transition zone, WEB Contour map s Surface Approach s DSC_0028s tumblr_n2r971i0sF1qg9huxo1_1280

Ligeia Mare surface impression - monotype, chine-collé, quill pen, watercolour, 50 x 36cm

Surface Approach - monotype, chalk, chine colle, quill pen. 12x8"

Titan surface: contour, monotype, chine colle, quill pen, pencil, 20x16”

Titan: North polar SAR map - monotype, chine-collé, quill pen, 50 x 36cm

Iapetus: Transition Zone, 90x70cm, monotype, charcoal, spit on glass plate.


Showing the frozen landscape of Iapetus, a moon in the Saturnian system which has a two-tone coloration, like a spherical ying-yang. Scientists form composite images of the surface by combining shots taken by the Cassini probe as it flies past. This is not dissimilar to the way in which our minds are constantly combining discrete images into a unified whole through the process of looking. I create my image through a singular act, forming one continuous surface that retains the presentation and illusion of a composite, yet everything is reversed so that an act of observation, analysis and discovery becomes an act of intuitive creation.

Scoured 1s

'Scoured' - landscape relief sculpture embedded in polyester resin,

31 x 25.5 x 4.5cm


below: surface detail,  bird's-eye-view

scoured birds eye view s Scoured surface detail s blue moon 1s

'Blue Moon' - landscape relief on board, 35x30cm