M I C H A E L    J F    C H A N C E



Views from a Moving Window


This series of work began by drawing and painting through the window of a train on numerous journeys North to Edinburgh and back to London. Trying to capture glimpses of a fluid, changing landscape is exhilirating and forces you to hone in on the few most powerful aesthetic moments, and later work in the studio from their distilled memories.


I became fascinated by the way in which the surface of the glass - with its scratches, stains and condensation - became an intermediary plane between the viewer and the image, in the same way as the surface of a print or painting.


In these works I aimed to create images that felt seen and remembered; that have a poetic quality, yet are rooted in an acknowledgement of simple material properties.

DSC_0031 copys DSC_0031s Photo 11-12-2013 18 19 32s Photo 20-02-2014 00 02 43s Morning mist through a train window - monotype, ch castle rock installs Aerial s

'Aerial', monotype, charcoal, 20x16"


Eggborough power station as seen from a train - oil based monotype, charcoal, quill pen, 20x16”

The Cooling Towers - oil on board, 105 x 91cm

The Crossing, oil on board, 105x91cm sb the cooling towers install copy The Crossing, oil on board, 105x91cm sb

The Crossing - oil on board, 105.5 x 91.5cm

The Cooling Towers - oil on board, 105 x 91cm